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I went to a Padre game today and notice something


John Browner

I don’t go around recommending many things. I think the last thing I told everyone to go do was see Avengers infinity war (which reminds me go see Avengers end game) because it blew my mind in more directions then I could think of. So on a partly cloudy day according to my weather app on the iPhone X I wanted to do something to pass the time and thought shit are the padres home today. That statement alone is something coming from me, 6 months ago that’s something I would have never contemplated. Now don’t get me wrong Petco park is as good as it gets regardless of sport, city or country when it comes to taking in a game. What kept them off my radar was the seemingly lack of interest in putting a team on the field that a paying customer wanted to watch let alone cheer for. That all changed when Ron “the hero” Fowler C.T.C (cut the check) for Machado and rules and norms be damned brought up Tatis Jr. to start the season. I’m not a baseball guy never have been don’t think I ever will be but what I am is an event person when it comes to sports. After doing a little research on the starter the only question became how quick can I get out of my house and beat the traffic to see Chris Paddock!

Despite the average downtown lunch hour traffic I had a ticket and a seat in no time. By the 5th inning I watched Ian Kinsler break out of his slump with a home run and Paddock strike out 6 guys and only give up a hit. Holy shit, it’s real! The San Diego Padres have a full fledged watchable product! It’s Wednesday April 25th and right now they lead the division and sitting here writing this I can tell you there is a buzz in this building and Its not because they have some kickass giveaway or people were like me and needed something to do on a down day. Pardon the Pun but on a Wednesday it looks like the Padres are over the hump (see what I did) when it comes to getting people fired up about the product on the field.

Alright let me put my phone down and get back to this game.

Before I go let me offer you this. If you need a reason on a future Wednesday to ditch work for the day or the wife or the kids or simply like me for the fuck of it. A trip down to Petco might be just what the doctor ordered. I recommend it.

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