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What should happen if the Bulls don't land a top 3 pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Most bulls fan are like me they have been rooting for the team since they knew what a basketball was. Watching the lights go down and the starting 5 be called out during the 90’s was one of the greatest sports treasures any fan could ever have. We are a long way from the 90’s bulls and we need to come to grips with how to cope in todays orbit as a modern day NBA fan. Since 23, 33, 91 and 7 called it quits in 99 the team has had some pretty drastic roller coaster style ups and downs. From the jerry days to the modern day front office of John “don’t look at me” Paxson. We have been with them from the Eddie Curry dumpster fire the over paying of Ben Wallace and the Carlos Boozer shoe polish era. Now I’m not here to crush pax like most people because he has done some good things like drafting Derrick Rose instead of Michale Beasley. Also seeing something in a crazy kid from the university of Florida named Jokim Noah and late round pick ups like Jimmy Butler. Now i can also back up the dump truck on all the negative things as well but again this article is about moving forward and not beating a dead horse.

This season has been tough for fans rooting near and far and before we pull the brown paper bags to put over our mugs lets look at what we learned.


Paxson isn’t going anywhere so lets not waste anymore energy on words in this article calling for his firing or him stepping down. We know all to well how the main Jerry operates and he will never fire John much like he will never fire Kenny on the south side so lets just accept that. The Zach lavine contract isnt as bad as it looked when it was first announced. There is nothing wrong with having a athletic 2 guard who can get to the basket and finish but will his numbers be as empty as they where this year going forward only time will tell. The pick up of Otto Porter looks like it was a huge one and will benefit the club going forward. His versitility and 3 point shooting will prove huge once the team is healthy and ready for tip next season. Now we all love Lauri legend (shout out to Stacy king) and Wendell Carter jr as the front court of the future, two bigs who can stretch the floor defend and rebound. So the starting group is a nice front four to build so not only is this not changing but I’m good with it going forward as is.


This years draft is a 3 horse race from the looks of it and anything outside of that will be a long shot pairing them with what the team already has. If Cam Reddish is your cup of tea you must be drinking with the lady from get out! Same goes for Nassir Little and that kid from Texas Tech who’s name I can’t remember which is always a bad sign. If they land the forth pick the best thing the Chicago Bulls front office can do is call up the los Angelos lakers and offer it to them for Lonzo Ball!!!!!! Yea I said that….. yup that Lonzo Ball. The same guy who has been injured and now going through a public fight with his father over their family business…. Yup that guy. I know papa ball comes with him whether we like it or not but I believe with the signing of LeBron James (damn it I wanted to write something about my team that didn’t bring up Queen James) the writing was on the wall from day one the two didn’t have long in the purple and gold together. If your worried about if this would even work I offer you a look back at the trading deadline soap opera that broke out thanks to clutch sports and one Anthony Davis. The Pelicans want a combination of players and picks from LA that they currently don’t have and what could boost that trade package past what Boston could offer? how about the forth pick in the 2019 draft. This could be accomplished in multiple ways so its not a matter of if just a matter of how?

Paxson said earlier in the year that the Bulls struggle signing big time free agents. I think this would be the best way to get a game changer in the red and black back on Madison. Lonzo Ball is exactly what you need on the is roster to take it to the next level. With what you currently have right now on your roster you don’t need a guy looking for his shot you need a guy looking to get everyone else shots and that player is Lonzo Ball. I know some of you clowns will scream about injury history and Kris Dunn but I’m here to tell you I’m done with Kris. We know what Dunn is at this point in his career he’s not a NBA starter. Whether it be the injury history or his inability to make open shots from 3 or finish at the basket he’s not the answer at the starting point guard position in todays NBA. In Lonzo Ball you have a shot at a generational athlete that you clearly believe you would never sign as a free agent and would have to endure the pain of another losing season to draft hoping he pans out in 3 years. Adding Lonzo can not only move you in the right direction but speed the process to now. The 3rd or 4th year is always the make or break year for if a guy is going to be a All-Star if he isn’t already. All the stars are lining up for this to be a great storyline heading into the 2019 season. Stop me if you have heard this one before. The Lakers bail early on a number 2 pick with promise just to get their hands on someone else. That’s player goes to his new team with a fresh outlook and none of the pressure of being the number 2 pick anymore. He then leads his new team in less than two years to a playoff birth and looks like he will be a franchise players for the next decade. If that sounds familiar it has already happened. It was D’angelo Russell who is now on the Brooklyn Nets..... a playoff team! By the way much like the Lakers were in a hurry to move Russell because of Lonzo the Lakers again will be in a hurry to now move Another number 2 pick to get Anthony Davis. We have seen this movie before the question for the Chicago Bulls front office is are they will to play their part in the sequel?

John Browner

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