• John Browner

Why I don’t give a Fuck about Antonio Brown and neither should you.

As a sports fan we all seem to cheer for the guy wearing our colors. It doesn’t matter what city or team you root for or what level it is we all want our teams to win. Some of us seem to even find it hard to root for players in contract disputes with ownership groups even thou you know the players is closer to understanding the everyday plight than the owner is. We never root for the player to win if we have to choose between players and owners, I for one always side with the player regardless of sport or team. Well I must tell you I had a large change of heart in one case. Antonio fucking Brown! Normally I would defend a guy who has never been in trouble with the law but kinda rubs people the wrong way because of his style. I follow that code due to the fact that people should try to get along more often than we do simply because we are not all meant to be the same and we should work to understand the odd and strange in society rather than to dismiss them. 

For Brown this is not the case! The NFL is the most unforgiving sport in the world. It takes human bodies and spits them out if they can’t handle the toll the games takes on them. It’s a League that forces you to protect the shield of the league as oppose to the name on back of the uniform. It’s a league that doesn’t believe in religious (Tebow) or political stands (Kap) if that’s gonna distract from winning on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and the occasional Saturday. Brown in the midst of a hall of fame career got the benefit of the doubt from me when it came to wanting out of the Steelers organization. That seemed like a marriage that needed to end but little did we know who was the bad apple in the relationship well fuck apple how about the bad branch! After bailing on the Steelers a well run organization that made him the highest paid receiver in the history of the game at the time he found his way to Oakland. The raiders are no stranger to bad boy behavior and the two seemed like a good fit on paper. Only to have the entire thing Explode like a man in a work stall taking a shit because he wanted gas station sushi for lunch! He called his bosses boss a cracker, now while I found this to be funny as hell I also found it to be completely baffling at the time he decided to unleash the white version of the word nigger! Because in 48 hours he was due just short of 19,000,000 dollars. Now I chose to put it in numerical form because I wanted you to see how much that is when you actually look at it! His clash with Mayhoc or the rules or helmets seemed pale in the face of 35,000,000 million dollars! As a great man who got his ass kicked by the cops and then was later found face down dead in his pool due to a drug overdose said “can we all just get along”. Not Brown no no no no. It had to be his way or the high way and so he was kicked off the team without a penny to show for it.

You know what they say, a true diva always finds a stage and this is where the Patriots come in at. I could not think of a worse team for this asshole to join than the most asshole organization of ALL TIME! Here is the number one team in the league firing a way to get the number one WR in the league at a bargain-basement rate. Right before we got a chance to curse the team with it all getting more Brown did the only thing he knows how to do other than catch fuck up some money! Diva gotta diva! I hope AB has made enough money for his family to live for generations due to his career because I don’t think playing on a NFL field again is in his future……. Right?

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